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As much as I could. Basically, this was such a fast-track opportunity. I was on the porch swing at the farm in Mississippi and I got this call when Melina [Kanakaredes] decided not to renew her contract and they were scrambling, asking will you do this part? So I hopped on a plane and they hadn't even written her yet. So we had conversations about who is she. It was a mad scramble, and we probably don't even have her totally fleshed out yet. I got a script three days before we started shooting.

You have to drive down it to get anywhere basically. It's a town of 50,000, and it cuts through the middle of town. It was a great honor. Mississippi and Meridian where I come from are real important to me because it's a state that has so much lack in it, so much poverty and also so much possibility at the same time. I started a children's home there called Hope Village for Children, which is for abused and neglected kids, an emergency shelter and also permanent shelter. I'm very entrenched there. I can't really explain it except to say it lives deep within me.

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