Jean steurs and his band - jean steurs and his band - the new american patrol - san fernando valley

Executive producer Dirk Brossé, Associated Producer and Editor Ronald Dom, Recording Engineer Manuel Mohino, Recorded at Studio 4 Flagey, Brussels, Belgium, Artistic Director Luc Vaes, Painting CCover Sylvie Zieba (with the kind permission of Editions Ivoire, France), design Jean Wattenberge - Photogravure Steurs, Antwerp, Belgium

This book required eight years of work on the part of the authors. They were able to photograph all 39 members of the family Paradisaeidae in the wild and they witnessed and photographed several displays for the first time.  The photographs are the ne plus ultra for this extraordinary family.  The text integrates information on the discovery, taxonomy and life histories of these birds with the photographs.