D.c. larue confessions

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All my five albums were written, arranged and produced to be listened to from beginning to end without interruption. Why? Because they are telling a story. "CATHEDRALS," "THE TEA DANCE," "CONFESSIONS." "FORCES OF THE NIGHT" and "STAR, BABY"...all five recordings. Sequencing is of the utmost importance!! Now I have the advantage of being able to post high quality audio files on Soundcloud that can be played and listened to without interruption. So here’s my third album “CONFESSIONS” for your listening and dancing pleasure. And, of course, fuk yeah!! Disco lives!! track listing: 1. Confessions 2. I Wake Up Screaming In The Middle Of The Night 3. Let Them Dance 4. Dancing With Strangers 5. Pounding With Desire 6. Nobody's Home 7. Lady In Atlanta

D.C. LaRue ConfessionsD.C. LaRue ConfessionsD.C. LaRue ConfessionsD.C. LaRue Confessions