The ed wakabayashi collection - the ed wakabayashi collection

Currently, the most reliable and widely agreed upon figures place the total between the broad range of 40,000 to 200,000 massacre victims in the entire Nanking Special Administrative District, [1] though numbers even smaller or larger than this have been put forward by Japanese revisionists and the government of China respectively.

Classes I teach include natural disasters/introductory geology (EES 1), a geologic field trip class (EES 3, structural geology (EES 106), geomorphology (EES 105), and advanced field methods (EES 107), a graduate level class on active faulting and seismic hazard analysis (EES 210), and various graduate topics classes (EES 250T), the most recent of which is Subduction Zone Geology and Tectonics (Fall 2016). I also filled in and taught igneous and metamorphic petrology (EES 101) in Spring 2008 and 2016. I integrate my 16 years of industry experience as an engineering/environmental geologist, as well as my research, into the teaching of my classes, because the majority of geology graduates will be employed in engineering and/or environmental geology. I have developed lab exercises based on actual professional projects I have done. This helps make the course material more relevant and useful to students. I also integrate research into teaching to enhance classes in several ways including: (1) demonstrating by example the application of the scientific method in geology; (2) letting students know that so much is still not known and left for them to discover, and (3) keeping course material up to date. I strongly believe in the value of field trips and field exercises in teaching geology. In industry, I have found that the most successful geologists are those with strong field skills, and, more often than not these geologists graduated from programs with a strong field emphasis. The geologic curriculum in this department has a very strong field emphasis, so I expect CSU Fresno graduates to be very successful in their careers. I do not know of any fields in which professionals enjoy their work more than geologists do. Perhaps this is due to the uniqueness of work in the geological sciences. What other science requires the use of both the mind and body? In addition to being downright fun, geology is a field of crucial importance to humanity and demand for geologists has never been higher. Fun, fulfilling, and full employment is pretty hard to beat! 

The Ed Wakabayashi Collection - The Ed Wakabayashi CollectionThe Ed Wakabayashi Collection - The Ed Wakabayashi CollectionThe Ed Wakabayashi Collection - The Ed Wakabayashi CollectionThe Ed Wakabayashi Collection - The Ed Wakabayashi Collection