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Here is an update on some of my recent activities over the past few months or so to give you an idea of how I am spending my time and what is close to my heart..In no particular order:
I have attended 2 board meetings for UK Music.
I have been a Warner Music guest of honour at The Brits
I have had various funding meetings for Featured Artist Coalition
I have had 2 site meetings and various design conversations with my architect
1 site meeting with Water Engineer
1 with Thames Water
1 with Electricity board
3 site meetings on development sites.
I have organised and booked the fencing of our fields -
I have spent 14 days clearing woodland including a 999 visit by fire brigade to put out a tree fire!
I have had meetings with local councillor regarding local issues - broken heritage bridges, bridal paths, road resurfacing...
I have had meetings with 2 builders
I have supervised tree surgery on 30 200 year old trees
I have written and given a talk to Westminster University music students
I have given an interview for Performing Rights Society magazine
I have taken his plane in for service with Tony
I have spent time with Rumer - social and business
I have attended 2 UK Music Fiscal Incentives Committee meetings
I have hosted with Tony 2 Intro to Nichiren Buddhism meetings
I have attended our Featured Artist Coalition Awards and given an award to Placebo.
I have had policy, strategy, PR and weekly briefings with FAC
I have chaired a FAC board meeting
I have had 2 grandchildren stay for a weekend and an Easter egg hunt with 4 grandchildren.
I have had my daughter over to stay.
I have recently attended various meetings with Government ministers, Labour Tory, Libs . to hear their plans for Creative Industries
I have written a speech for and guested with Margaret Hodge, MP and fantastic Chair of Govt Select Committee for telling people off on our behalf, at the Womens Empowerment Awards in Dagenham and Barking
I have celebrated my son's 30th birthday party with our family.
I have organised and sourced builder, plumber, electrician and materials with my son to redesign his shower room in his flat
I have taught my son how to cook three recipes.
I have spent a day with 2 grandchildren at our SGI Buddhist Centre.
I have given a talk at Westminster University to music students
I have had ongoing scanning to keep an eye on an eye problem.
I have had countless communications with our land agent.
I have been to Cambridgeshire with Tony to buy a new tractor
I have read 5 great books - The Miniturist, The Goldfinch, In Certain Circles, We Are Our Brain, The World Beneath
Had 2 migraines, pulled an arm tendon, bruised knuckles, knocked myself out on a banch, broken all my nails and fell in the river
Babysat my stepsons dog
Bought some great clothes online
Spent time with friends
Invented a new cocktail
Been to some great restaurants
Cooked some fantastic dishes
Wrote my first Huffington piece.
Followed Poldark and Master Chef
Listened to the bird-song
Saw some great sunsets.
Watched a wild duck hatching her ducklings
Potted 4 ash 6 chestnut and 3 maple sapplings
Revelled in the spring blossom
Drove in the Downs
And postal voted!
Oh and I forgot to mention all the stuff with the Arts Clinic! Exciting things happening there...
Over the next week or so I will be visiting European Govt at Brussels for FAC, attending UK Music Committee meeting and board meeting, getting a broken tooth fixed, getting my hair re-styled, finalising with Tony a very important business deal, attending a friend's book launch, more field clearance (so more broken body parts), hosting another Intro to Buddhism, meeting with Environment Agency, planting up the window boxes, hanging baskets and plant containers for summer, hosting an FAC artist drop-in session, seeing Tony's family visiting UK from Israel, and hopefully seeing my son's flipping shower room finally finished!
I am doing what gives my life pleasure and meaning....
I will NEVER join "the older woman brigade"
I am and always will be a Pioneer and People's Champion

Sandie Shaw - Hello Bambino - SommerwindSandie Shaw - Hello Bambino - SommerwindSandie Shaw - Hello Bambino - SommerwindSandie Shaw - Hello Bambino - Sommerwind